Introduction to our Noritsu System for E6 - the R410 machine.

The Noritsu support system stands out with comprehensive coverage in the photofinishing industry. Noritsu maintains its hallmark commitment to quality and reliability in its E-6 slide processing systems. Despite advancements in reprints and enlargements, slide processing remains a highly sought-after additional service at one-hour photo lab , or any photo lab for that matter. The fact we can provide Same-Day service is because our lab is back by the The Noritsu OSF-R410L-3UE-6 daylight slide processors.
By offering E-6 processing, we not only cater to photographers who prefer professional labs for their slide film, but we can provide that at a speed of  10 rolls of 135-24 exposure film per hour and handles up to 120/220 reversal film.
Welcome to the next-level photo lab with Same-Day E6 processing, welcome to the Golden Era of Film.