Introduction to our Noritsu System for Colour C41 and Black and White - the V30 machine.


The Noritsu V-Series film processors are designed to significantly enhance productivity in the photofinishing business. These processors utilize advanced design features and state-of-the-art technology to make film processing quick and easy. Key features include a large graphic display, dual-lane processing, automatic film size detection, and compatibility with various film formats, allowing operators of all experience levels to efficiently handle the tasks. The V-Series processors come in three models with varying capacities, sizes, and loading capabilities (QSFV50, QSFV30, QSFV100).

The V30 processes about 26 rolls of 24-exposure 135 film per hour, the V50 handles up to 50 rolls per hour, and the V100 can manage an impressive 92 rolls per hour. These processors seamlessly integrate with Noritsu printer processors to provide a complete photofinishing system. The accompanying SM System ensures foolproof operation with color-coded packaging and slots that match projections on trays.

In Irohas Photo we use two V30 for a top speed 52 rolls an hour processing time (on aa 24 exposures, or 34 rolls an hour for a 36 exposures roll) which mean our Same-Day delivery is not just talk , but is backed up with equipments ready to go.

We have also custom modify a V30 machine to allow for longer and more accurate timing control so we can use that to develop black and white films too with the similar speed of the c41 V30 machine. 

Welcome to the Golden Era of film. 


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