Introduction to Imacon Flextight 848 scanner

Exploring Imacon: Pioneering Technology in Imaging


In an 2002 interview in Christian Poulsen's own words

"To keep the original perfectly flat and in focus, the original is flexed inside the scanner. Flexing the original tightens up the original - Flex Tight."

In 1998 their website states:

"Vivid Colors. Stunning Detail. Killer Resolution. Get it all, and get it fast with the world's first 'CCD Drum Scanners' — a radical new approach that combines the superior image quality of a drum scanner with the productivity of a flatbed... at a price you simply won't believe! Exclusive FlexTight technology eliminates the need for all foreign matter (such as glass plates, tape, gel, or anti-newton spray) between your original and the lens. The result is stunning detail and unbeatably low prep time, giving you a level of productivity never before seen in the industry. Price, performance, and productivity... get it all, and get it fast with Imacon FlexTight scanners."[4]

The Special Flextight Holders and Virtual Drum system

Founded in 1995 by Christian Poulsen, Imacon quickly rose to prominence, becoming the fastest-growing company in Denmark. Initially established to launch the innovative Flextight scanners, Imacon's legacy in imaging technology is marked by its commitment to quality and efficiency.[1][2]

The Flextight 848: Unraveling the Technology

Imacon's flagship product, the Flextight 848, stands out as the world's first "CCD Drum Scanner," combining the image quality of a drum scanner with the productivity of a flatbed. Quoting from the Internet Archive when Imacon first launched their website:allow the original to remain in perfect focus by bending it around a virtual drum, minimizing Newton rings, and optimizing the light path for cleaner scans.[4]

Enhancing Image Quality and Workflow

The Flextight 848 employs a diffuse light source that significantly reduces the visibility of dust and scratches, ensuring optimal image sharpness. To mitigate sensor heating, the scanner incorporates an external Power Supply and a cold cathode-type light source, with an additional active cooling device for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. The result is a versatile image file that can be repurposed for various media, making it an ideal choice for efficient workflows.[4]

FlexColor: A Dual-Functionality Workflow Tool

Imacon's FlexColor plays a pivotal role in the efficient workflow, serving both scanning and file preparation purposes. Recognizing the importance of future reuse, FlexColor ensures that files, whether for the web or high-quality offset printing, maintain the highest quality output.[4]

Legacy and Continued Impact

Imacon's contribution to imaging technology, especially through the Flextight scanners, remains influential. With its dedication to quality, efficiency, and continuous innovation, Imacon, now a part of Hasselblad, has left an indelible mark on the world of scanning and imaging.[2][5]

As we reflect on the journey of Imacon and its technological advancements, we appreciate the seamless integration of technology and artistry that continues to shape the world of imaging.


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