Introduction to our Noritsu Scanning System - LS600 (35mm) and S-2S(120)


LS-600 - for 35mm 

The LS Series Scanners feature Digital Ice Technology, a standard feature that corrects dust and scratches on the base layer of film. Additionally, Digital Masking is included to correct dust and scratches on the emulsion layer of the film, enhancing the overall efficiency of the film scanning process with amazing colour profile. 

Furthermore with 4 of this best-in-class scanner, we can scan 24 rolls of 36 exposures at High Res, once again delivery and back up our Same-Day processing promise. 

Film handling is made easy with the standard 135/240 Automatic Film Carrier, supporting various film types, including IX-240 film, full format, half-frame, and panoramic 35mm film. It accommodates color negative film, color positive film, chromogenic B&W, and B&W film, also supporting the scanning of single 35mm frames.

S-2S - 120 / medium format

Used to be part of a more extensive print solution, it was likely paired with a QSS-35 or a QSS-3300, a similar entry-level minilab that provides excellent productivity and the unwavering reliability that has made Noritsu synonymous with quality photofinishing equipment.

With its state-of-the-art LED technology light source at the time, this system is robust, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Coupled with Digital ICE technology, a 120 automatic system, and various other imaging processing technologies such as JPG block noise correction, lens aberration correction, and red-eye reduction, the colors produced by these machines are truly exceptional.

With these Noritsu Scanners, we invite you to join us on a journey into the Golden Era of film.


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